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We believe children can maximize their learning opportunities through carefully planned assessments of individual needs. At Gainesville Country Day, a low pupil/teacher academic ratio is maintained throughout the elementary grades, and the curriculum emphasizes active rather than passive learning. Activities are designed to encourage independence and creativity.


Each student is taught language arts, reading, and math at their level. Additional faculty members work with the children in PE, STEM, logic, art, and music.

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Physical Education
Art and Art Appreciation

Meet The Specials Teachers

Art Education Gallery


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Each class has two full-time teachers, both with degrees and experience in early childhood or elementary education. In addition to the classroom teachers, a resource teacher is always available to the classroom teachers to aid a child who needs to move a little faster or who needs more in-depth work in a particular area.


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Kindergarten offers children an opportunity to synthesize the skills acquired in our early childhood program with the academic strategies needed for competence in the elementary grades. Our faculty’s academic background helps make them particularly sensitive to the developmental needs of each child. The Kindergarten student, while progressing at his/her own pace, is presented with a challenging variety of learning approaches.

Grades 1-2

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Students are guided to maintain a healthy concept of self while respecting others, both for ways they are alike and the ways they are different, and to become comfortable expressing feelings while appreciating the feelings of others. Our aim is to have each child find success, competence, and enjoyment in learning.

Grades 3-5

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The elementary program for grades three through five moves the child from a program of structured basic skills to using these skills independently on projects that cover all the subject areas. The student is guided into accepting more responsibility and developing independence. More is expected in homework, expanding study skills, using reference materials, and synthesizing and applying basic subject matter through creative involvement. Every attempt is made to provide the elementary school child with a strong sense of self-discipline and the confidence to attempt and be successful, whatever the challenge.

Program Details

Elementary School Hours

8:15 am - 2:30 pm


Before and After School

We also offer optional, supervised programs both before and after school. Our after school program provides a place for students to work, play and socialize in a safe & nurturing environment. Learn more here.


Kindergarten Age Requirement

Children entering Kindergarten must be five years old by September 1st of the school year.

Tuition and Billing

Call (352) 332-7783 or fill out a contact form for tuition information. School tuition billing occurs monthly on the first of each month to account for the month prior (beginning September 1.)