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Elementary Overview 


A low pupil/teacher academic ratio 


A low pupil/teacher academic ratio is maintained throughout the elementary grades. Only through carefully planned assessments of individual needs may a child maximize his/her learning opportunities. 

Independence and Creativity 


Each class has two full time teachers, both with degrees and experience in early childhood or elementary education. The curriculum emphasizes active rather than passive learning and activities are designed to encourage independence and creativity. In addition to the classroom teachers, a resource teacher is always available to the classroom teachers to aid a child who needs to move a little faster, or who needs more in-depth work in a particular area.

Each student is taught language arts, reading, and math at his/her own level. Additional faculty members work with the children in areas of PE, Spanish, technology, logic, art, music, investigative science, math lab, and library.

Our Elementary School day runs from 8:15am to 2:30pm


We also offer optional supervised programs both before and after school. Our after school program provides a place for students to work, play and socialize in a safe & nurturing environment. 

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