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Our New Look

Our school website has a new look! All content remains the same with the exception of a few additions. You will now be able to download the class newsletters under the "News" tab. You will also be able to download and print the lunch bunch form under the "Forms" tab (please make sure to note the dates you are ordering for as it will not be color coded). These features will be available shortly. You can see our blog under the "News" tab. Our blog will primarily be used for keeping parents updated on events that have taken place at our school and to spread the word about new, exciting, and/or upcoming events and information. You can connect with us through social media. We encourage parents to visit our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages through the icons on the bottom left of the website. We use social media to share news and photos of classroom and school wide events. Media Consent Forms were given out at the beginning of the school year. Please be aware that we will NOT post photos of students if permission was not given on the consent form. We hope you enjoy these updates!

Blog Post

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