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Early Childhood Overview

The early childhood curriculum is organized to help children find success. All the activities, whether reading, art, or music, are individually oriented and developmentally sound.

Find Success In Coming To School

Problem Solving and Creativity

The curriculum emphasizes creativity, problem solving, and active rather than passive learning in the preschool classes. We use a “hands-on,” multi-sensory approach to teach new concepts, as young children learn best through doing. A low pupil-teacher ratio make active learning possible.

Positive Social Experiences

Preschool is a time to have children achieve positive social experiences, learn how to make friends and interact with others, and become cooperative, caring members of a social group. Children should look at school as a banquet of wonderful opportunities to do and learn, and to see themselves as competent, loved, and creative learners.

Infant  Class

Our infant program is designed to offer a warm, comforting, and positive environment for children 6 weeks and older. Music, movement, communication, play, and socialization will play an integral part of each day. Please call our Tower Road Early Childhood Enrichment Center to schedule a tour and learn more about our Infant Class.

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