A year of magic, growth, discovery, awareness, and learning.

No other year in a child’s life will quite equal the year spent in Kindergarten. The faculty of Gainesville Country Day School is pleased to share the magic and aid in making the most of the kindergarten child’s opportunities


Academic strategies needed for competence in the elementary grades

Kindergarten offers children an opportunity to synthesize the skills acquired in our early childhood program with the academic strategies needed for competence in the elementary grades.

Our faculty’s academic background helps make them particularly sensitive to the developmental needs of each child. The Kindergarten student, while progressing at his/her own pace, is presented with a challenging variety of learning approaches.

Children entering Kindergarten must be age 5 by September 1st of the school year. 

Primary Grades 1-5 

Grades One and Two 

The primary program for grades one and two emphasizes individual growth and discovery, while giving children daily opportunities to apply decision making skills and to rely on their own judgment. At Gainesville Country Day School, each child is encouraged to assume responsibility for making choices and ordering his/her own life, to cooperate with others in the completion of a task, to learn proper care of personal and school belongings, and to explore alternative ways of dealing with negative situations. Students are guided to maintain a healthy concept of self while respecting others, both for ways they are alike and the ways they are different, and to become comfortable expressing feelings while appreciating the feelings of others. Our aim is to have each child find success, competence, and enjoyment in learning.

Grades Three through Five

The elementary program for grades three through five moves the child from a program of structured basic skills to using these skills independently on projects that cover all the subject areas. The student is guided into accepting more responsibility and developing independence. More is expected in homework, expanding study skills, use of reference materials, and the synthesis and application of basic subject matter through creative involvement. Every attempt is made to provide the elementary school child with a strong sense of self-discipline and the confidence to attempt and be successful, whatever the challenge.

The Importance of Health and Fitness

We provide experiences that will help our children understand and value the importance of health and fitness. Our long term goal is to equip students with confidence in different skills and knowledge of the benefits of good health so that they will stay active life-long.

We encourage our students to take part in daily physical activity, and offer them with a variety of individual and competitive sports opportunities.

We provide our students with a variety of opportunities to join competitive sports teams through the school's sponsorship of community-organized leagues. On campus sports clinics focusing on skill development, exercise, sportsmanship and fun are offered periodically in soccer, basketball, football, and baseball.