After School 

Play, work and socialize in a safe and nurturing environment.  

Students (K-5) enjoy playing with friends, studying in a peaceful environment, or participating in one of many after school clubs. 

We are always focused on the safety of our students.

All faculty and support staff are CPR/First aid certified and responsible for each student to be properly checked out of after school. One faculty member and at least two support staff members will be with the children in after school at all times. 

Student Pickup Procedures

Parents/guardians must sign a student out of after school by named signature and recorded time and anyone picking up a student must be on the student's approved pick up section of their emergency cards. An exception to this would be a written note from a parent or a phone call from a parent indicating the new pick up person. In either of these cases, a copy of the driver license would be required to release a child.

Our after school program runs from 2:25pm – 5:30pm

(or whenever the last student is picked up)

A nominal hourly charge is billed at the end of each month. Prospective parents please contact us for additional information about our after school program. 

Specialty Classes & Clubs are typically offered in a 6 week rotation  

Students are encouraged to participate in as many classes or clubs as they would like (or time allows). Many specialty classes and club are available throughout the week and are run by our faculty or parent coaches.

Teachers supervising these classes are responsible for getting students from after school and checking them back in after the class is over. These faculty members are also responsible for the parent sign out of these students from after school. A small snack is provided to the students around 3:30 p.m. or students may choose something from their lunch box. 

Homework Club (Monday-Thursday from 2:50pm to 3:30pm)

Homework Club is required of students in grades 3-5 and encouraged in grade 2. Normally held in the classroom of the supervising teacher, individual help is available, however, the Homework Club teacher cannot tutor students during this time. 

The room is quiet, and students are expected to know their assignments, work diligently, and come prepared. Individual action plans for Homework Club students are developed between the classroom teachers, the Homework Club faculty member and the parents and students. 

Homework Club students stay in homework club until 3:30 unless they are leaving school or being pulled out for a special afternoon class. Parents are asked to sign students out of homework club unless they have signed out with after school staff.